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Western Brass who attracts attention with his uniqueness

One of the geographically interesting areas and tourist locations in Indonesia is Kuningan, West Java. If you are there, you will get a different and fun experience to be used as a tourist attraction.

This area is divided into two plateaus, namely the plateaus in the western part of  the site  near Mount Cheremai, while the eastern area is a lowland.

In this area, the main sectors of the economy are from agriculture as well as trade. So when you’re in Cunningan, West Java, you’ll find a lot of activities related  to  these two sectors.

Many people choose to come there and enjoy a variety of amazing natural landscapes especially in the area around Mount Cheremai. Of course, retaining the comfort of the environment so that its beauty can be enjoyed for a longer period of time than many people later.

History Since the Time of the Empire of the Brassines

At the time of the development of Hinduism, this area was actually the Kingdom of Society    .

After various descendants who existed in the kingdom and the spread of Islam there, several leaders with a strong religious background from Cunningan, West Java, eventually gave birth to Sheikh Datuk Kafi, Sheikh Maulana Akbar, of Nyai Ratu Selavati, who is still Prabu Siliwangi’s grandson.

It was then obtained  in 1946 in the period after Indonesia’s independence, At the  time, when he arrived in Cunningan, Indonesia’s first president and vice president stayed at  the Cunningan Regent’s  House before  negotiations took place.

So indeed throughout its long history since the kingdom still controlled Indonesia, Cunningan already has its own story. Various changes and events continue to be made so far that the area can develop as a fun and interesting place to  travel  of course.   You can find many interesting things in the area.

Typical tourist location on Cunningan, West Java

It is incomplete to discuss one of the regions in Indonesia without interesting tourist locations. In Cunningan in West Java, of course, there are various tourist attractions that you can make an option when visiting there.

To relieve fatigue after traveling and making other tours, you can choose to come to the warm springs.    as well as in the middle of the surrounding mountains.

In addition, there is still a modern tourist location in the Cunningan area of  West Java that you can try to visit, This water-playing location has various entertainment facilities and is certainly as comfortable as a family tourist attraction.

One of the unique tourist locations you must visit is Kurug Sidomba. If the waterfall usually has enough height to produce a torrential fall, but in this place it is no more than 5 meters. This uniqueness is equipped with a wonderful view of the location, so you will certainly feel more at home to relax and have fun  at  that location.

Culinary tours to try in Kuningan, West Java

A complete pair of tourist spots is the place to find interesting culinary pleasures. It is certain that  the Kuningan area  of West Java can also be found in different places that provide typical culinary from there.

Grange Lanai is not forgotten that you have to visit to get a eating sensation overlooking Mount Cheremai Kuningan, In addition, the outdoor concept is equipped with a gazebo and a fish pond around it  .

If you want to find a well-known place to eat in Cunningan is Kedai Hakapp Ma Iroch. This hack is processed food that contains tofu and baths then is added with a special peanut spice. The price is also relatively available so you can enjoy large quantities with your family or other groups.

In some tourist locations, you can usually easily find specialties from the area.

The uniformity of the interesting area

Each region certainly has its own uniqueness, including Cunningan in West Java, which holds interesting facts behind its natural beauty.   Therefore, for those of you who really prefer to travel to natural attractions, this is the most appropriate course choice.

Even for climbers, they will also be wasted with three electoral climbing trails. Many people come there to try the sensation and enjoy the natural nature of the mountain in Cunningan, West Java.

Uniquely, Sundan culture in the  Cunningan area  of West Java is  still well maintained so it’s quite fat-felt. The Pazeban cultural village is a place that will really present it to you.

Different types of traditional ceremonies,     This culture, of course, must continue to be preserved so that it is not lost due to  the different modern cultures that exist today.   including those in Cunningham, West Java.

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