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Complaint pno Hokben Call Center If Delivery Is Late

Hokben provides services if  something happens  that is not pleasant for you, immediately complaining to the Hokben call center. This is very  clear  so that we, Hokben, can improve the service and give employees a reprimand on duty. Because it is our  duty  to provide the best service.

This fast food restaurant that has a unique theme has long been established in Indonesia. There are so many food fans from this restaurant . One of the reasons   this Hokben restaurant is unique is its food menu.   Japanese-style food is provided by this restaurant formerly  called Hoka Hoka Bento.

There were many branches open by Hokben, for now  Hokben includes from Java, Bali, and a pioneer on other islands.   So to expand the market  outside the two islands is still gradual.   The survival of this restaurant is because it  has a taste that matches the tongue of Indonesians.

In addition, the call center that Hokben always tries to provide the best service to its loyal customers.   Whether it is to receive complaints or other information.   Includes information for booking procedures. So if you are still curious and have questions, just contact CS Hokben.

Complaint pno Hokben Call Center if the Order Is Late

Of course, the task of the call center  is  to receive calls  from customers spread across Indonesia.   Whether they are new  customers  or loyal customers, surely the call center officer will still provide the best service to be fulfilled.    That’s the basic description of call destinations and call center tasks.

The call may contain something, as explained above, namely complaints, to be curious about promos to just want to know the available menu.   Call  centre  officers  shall be  on standby  to serve all kinds of enquiries and complaints from customers.

Even though it has been established for a long time in Indonesia and has many loyal customers, it is possible that Hokben made a mistake. Therefore , the important role of the call centre here.   To connect between Hokben and the customer if later there  are  complaints or suggestions that would be useful for improvement.



For those of you who have problems or complaints, simply complain to  the Hokben call center so you can follow later. In order to immediately take further action in order to  provide a solution so that the same error does not occur afterwards  .   We will give a reprimand if any of our officers make a mistake.

Such as complaints if the delivery officer  becomes late  to send to  the destination.   Maybe if it’s  late in a few minutes it doesn’t matter to some people, but if that person   can’t  wait because there’s another agenda. It was very sad and uncomfortable of course.

Especially if the anticipated order has arrived late, when it is enjoyed,  it turns out that the order is not suitable, it will be very disturbing.   Immediately  , you will report it to our call center on email. We are ready to accept and submit your complaint later and immediately follow through.

Adukan pada Call Center Hokben, Lest 24 siegħa

Our call center officers  will be ready to serve you for a full  24 hours. This is because some branches owned by Hokben itself have 24-hour operating hours. So if you need help or simply want to submit  a complaint, you can contact our CS.

In order to satisfy loyal customers and provide the best service, as well as make service improvements if there are complaints.  The complaint would later be an evaluation of each  employee’s  performance  by Hokben.   This restaurant, which has been in place for more than 30 years, certainly has experience in treating consumers.

So our call center officers  will be equipped with how they meet customers’ needs.   In addition to the e-mail above, you can also contact our  CS  through other platforms.    As with our  social media pages  on twitter, IG and Facebook.

You can ask or complain at the Hokben call center  there.  Starting from the operating  hours  of the hokben branch  you want to visit to deliver a review of your experience  enjoying food in this  restaurant with Japanese-style cuisine.   Usually from this social media page, several promos will be delivered.

The promo can certainly be enjoyed with the terms and conditions that  apply.   Learn and pay attention to every detail of the promo, if it’s not clear, you can ask the call center directly.   It is hoped that with this call center , Hokben will become a restaurant that has high community confidence and can be accepted.

Do you have a complaint? Complaint at Hokben call centre  immediately

Of course it has led us  several  times if you have a  complaint  immediately contact our call center. To  be used immediately as  an evaluation for all parties, and to improve the service.   Customer satisfaction is our  priority  ,  in addition  to CS complaints we also receive reviews from our restaurants.

This review or review can be said to be similar  to complaints but is  not  fully complaining. There may  be   a review of how satisfied he was  with Hokben’s service. Therefore, in addition to being able to be delivered directly to CS officials, you can also submit reviews on the old social media of hokben.

CS contact can also be through the official website platform of this Japanese-themed restaurant.  By selecting the sub menu contact us , and fill in the form accordingly. If you have submitted a review or complaint at the Hokben call center, in addition you can also  place an  order through the website.

Of course, you must have a previous account or have registered an account. If it’s not easy, just  fill  in the email and other forms correctly. If so,  you can later  start ordering the available food menu. This is adjusted to the outlet closest to you and whether to arrive at the final destination of delivery later.

Sekedar Tanya jew Trid Adukan pada Call Center Hokben, Aħna Lesti

If  you only have questions about information such as delivery, you can directly contact the  special delivery CS at 1500505.  When one calls the service and charges  the total price,  it is delivered all that  covered taxes and shipping costs  .

So  you don’t have to worry about employees exaggerating shipping costs later, because it  has been pre-arranged.   But if there is something that  is not pleasant when there is delivery  either  before or after the order  arrives  , you can directly sam p   complaint of the fish to the call center via email is direct.

For information listed on our page, or social media or websites, ask immediately about it.   We will be happy to  explain this  to you so that there is no more curious saws a.   Usually consumers often ask about promos and conditions to be able to get these promos.

Hal this is to avoid misunderstandings in the interpretation of available promos.  We have actually tried our best to convey the information clearly, but it is possible that  we are less careful  to  pay attention to the information that has been clearly stated  said.

Through direct interaction with consumers, it is hoped that entry officers in the hokben call can deliver suggestions or complaints from consumers for evaluation materials later. In order  to provide the best  service,  feedback from customers is necessary and immediately complains to the Hokben call center if there are complaints.