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The Wahana call center can be contacted if there are complaints from users

The ride-hailing call center can be contacted when users are experiencing problems. Wahana itself is a freight forwarding service. In this service, various problems are often encountered. There are a lot of users of rides. This happens because its existence occurs for a long time. In addition, the provider is also open at the opening of the agent.

Anyone can register to become a ride-hailing agent. Of course, this is very profitable, given that being an agent can bring a fairly high profit. However, as the business continues to develop, new problems continue to appear, such as continue to be the case. In the business world, it’s a natural thing.

However, as a consumer, the number of problems is certainly inconvenient. Here the existence of a driving call center becomes very important. With its existence, each complaint will be able to be conveyed as best as possible. The answer that will be received is also certainly more satisfying compared to the fact that you yourself found a way out on the Internet.

Different ways to connect with call centers

There are several ways to choose by contacting the Call Center. The easiest way, of course, is to call him directly. However, the ride does not provide the function of the phone to the complaints of users. This is already the policy of management that users must follow the consequences.

In return, the ride call center was replaced by whatsapp. To contact via whatsapp, first enter the From there there will be a column that says customer service . On a laptop, the customer service column is located at the top with a yellow box.

After entering the customer service page, there are two options for users. The choice is associated with the acquired problem. this is because the choice is divided into delivery services and general services. Select based on the existing problem and you will be instructed to enter the data.

The data includes name, surname, personal whatsapp contact, email and submitted complaints. From there, contact with the ride-hailing call center will continue through Whatsapp. This method certainly makes it easier to remember that Whatsapp itself is very popular in Indonesia. In addition, this method also has advantages in terms of cost.

When using the phone, there are tariffs that must be paid by consumers. But when contacted through Whatsapp, it is clear that there is no tariff. As another option, customers can also contact wahana via email. Wahana’s official email address  is However, the service has its drawbacks.

The disadvantage of email call centers is the speed of response. The answer is not as fast as when contacting via whatsapp. In fact, email itself is more used for communication related to suggestions. That’s because email is actually more for service development.

Travel information can also be seen on social networks

If you want to know moreinformation about travel and call centers, customers need to follow their social media. Wahana herself operates on several social media platforms. The first platform for the highest activity is Facebook. The official account itself is located at /wahanaexpressofficial.

However, some people no longer use Facebook. Therefore, informationabout the travel call center can also be obtained through Instagram. The official address of the instagaram drive itself is @wahanaexpressofficial. Instagram’s travel activity is also pretty good. His records are always updated every day.

In addition, his followers also almost reached 20 thousand. Of course, it cannot be said that this figure is small. If you want to be more formal, customers can actually see the ride profile on Linkedin. The Linkedin account of this provider can be found at /wahana-prestasi-logistics. Some entrepreneurs are actually more comfortable looking at profiles via Linkedin.

In addition to information media, customers can also interact with a social media administrator. Naturally, the benefits are quite similar to call centers. To communicate, the path is actually quite similar on each platform. First, first, log in to your personal social media account. After logging in, look for the official driving account.

Make sure your account is official and not fake. In the official account, send a message according to the question or complaint you have. The messenger medium itself is different for each platform. For example, you need to install a Facebook messenger if you want to contact the provider via Facebook.

The disadvantage of social networks may be the absence of an official Twitter account. This in itself is a disadvantage, given that the number of Twitter users in Indonesia is growing again. Therefore, those of you who are Twitter users need to use other social media to get more information.

Various problems that users often face

There are various issues that require users to contact the ride-hailing call center. The first problem concerns the delivery address of the package. Whether it is the sender or the recipient, the customer will suffer damage if the package is not sent to the desired location. There are two things that can cause this.

The first reason is an error in writing an address, and the second is an error on the part of the courier when sending. If this happens, the call center can be contacted with a clear explanation of the chronology. The CS will immediately process the reportand decideto send it to the right place.

In addition, when using the tracking function, problems often arise. The tracking feature itself is very useful for users. With this feature, users can find out the latest location of the items being shipped. However, many times this function does not work normally. As a result, the element is unknown in place.

Obviously, this problem makes users feel uncomfortable. As a rule, monitoring problems arise only due to system errors. Therefore, the ride-hailing call center will be able to quickly correct this if there is a clear message. The condition of the package, which does not arrive at a predetermined time, can also cause inconvenience to consumers.

There are two options for why the package may not arrive yet. The first option is due to delays. This happens due to transportation problems, which can be limited. The second option in itself is the loss of goods. This problem is extremely rare and almost never occurs.

By contacting the call center, customers will receive clarity on why the delay can occur. In addition, the CS will also process it immediately if the item in the package is actually lost. if the package cannot be found in the end, an additional explanation will be provided regarding the procedure for making a direct claim.

Contact the Call Centre if you have any questions

In addition to making complaints, travel call centers can also be used if they have a number of questions. The question itself can range from all sorts of things, from prices to shipping. But with the note, the issue concerns the ride and its users. There is no need to hesitate and ask about this question.

This is indeed one of the main features of CS. After all, you will receive answers with good language and you will be comfortable communicating directly with CS. Be sure to ask everything in detail so that the answers received are satisfactory and desirable.

In fact, it is up to you to decide whether to take advantage of the existence of a call center or not. However, we strongly recommend that its use be carried out as best as possible. When using it, communication between customers and service providers will go smoothly. Do not forget to advise and the closest people to contact the ride-hailing call center.

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