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Redmi Service Center for customers

Redmi Service Center is still in Xiaomi today. However, its high-quality products, although PocosmartTV, can also be repaired in the Xiaomi repair center. Interestingly, there are already official offices in the city. It is to be detrimental, and there is no confusion

There are also MI facilities, which can be repaired at home. Unfortunately, the facilities are not far away. Only 5 km radius from the service center. But so is choosing a relative. With its facilities, it is also excellent.

Redmi Service Center is interesting with quick revisions, that is, just for a while. At this point, the order registration begins. Repair. The unfortunate, there are only 5 places

It’s all in Jabodetabek. When you enjoy it, you will come and book it for In addition, the Demi official warranty can be done. And between the warranty period and spare parts availability.

It’s only 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Beyond that, we have to wait for tomorrow. Direct office. You can call the center to sue more. Xiaomi is sincere, and customers are suitable.

Redmi Service Center to customers

Xiaomi is really because of the customer to give convenience. Therefore, it is provided for online functions. However, office hours are limited. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. So, where are you.

Give multiway, 082117236765 number WhatsApp message first. Or you can also use the hotline 0800 1 401558. There is a complete list, you can visit the website Junde’s phone number

On the official website of Redmi Service Centre, there is also a price list. So when the school was checked. Or people who are trying to know themselves so the phone knows. Customers are easy to know how many components are required

Interestingly, a phone is not the same as a mobile phone. This shape phone also. But the trial search function, you should slow down. When the repair of the full price list is available, it is not enough. Such as the Mi Note 10.

There are questions about battery components, but the network must be opened. Then ask for its cost. From the time of the maintenance fee plus tax. Please keep in mind that there are different rates for mobile phones. However, it should be noted that if the price list is impermanent, it will fluctuate with the price

It took only 5 days to repair the facility

Redmi Service Center New Broken. Available for 5 days. This is also loved by its fans and loyal customers. Usually, it takes 10 days for the mobile phone to enter the service desk

If it is not successful, the unit can be updated. For customers, it is news. It won’t take long. However, the maintenance is produced at the service headquarters.

Rujun 10th mobile phone pay Redmi service center . After two days, enter the maintenance form. From the 12th to the 17th. When he does, the product will be replaced again and delivered directly to this address

However, it is worth noting. There must be a warranty. Practical, five-day technicians, easy to prepare for things as a test. Constructing a new device, meters are not logarithmic.

Therefore, before repairing also. More discussed number of backups. Therefore, the unfortunate things are all in reserve. You can also watch the hotline service period. For convenience, mention the IMEi number only.

Xiaomi for warranty

Redmi Service Center provides protection for mobile phones, but there are supporting documents. In this way, blame the battery device. Rudang for a long time. About 15 months. In this way, when the damage is compounded, the claim can be made

There is another charger, to the accessory available for 6 months. All Redmi 7, version, and mobile units will have a minimum 12-month use period. and to the detriment of this matter. The phone does not open and close itself.

Screen damage is not degenerate water liquid also. Because of its structure, it damages the crowd. Redmi Service Center for the charger is bad, since the data cable is not frequent. Or never, made of real rice

Repair the warranty first. Xiaomi will test the product first. Xiaomi account  is out. Everything is indistinguishable. Mibian is not responsible for everything

If so, the production will be lost. It should be noted that although the IMEI number is cut off, the warranty will not apply as for loss. The damaged person is dismantled by the Jun in the Weimi, and moved to the other service center also

Mobile phone charges when the warranty is full

Redmi Service Center for the production of hundred grains, and no warranty card. Or, it’s time. This product has a lot to offer. From software upgrade to hardware or from motherboard, you can also change 16 types of mobile phones

With no warranty, Xiaomi will charge for it. Software upgrades cost IDR 120,000. In hardware, IDR 150,000. If there is a replacement, there are no components to supplement it. Its legal and unofficial property, the service center also gives services.

But for now, Xiaomi is working with the Indonesian government and various business actors. Break the link. Therefore, all products are in line with the present standard. Buy it with its official warranty as expensive also. However, it can keep it safe.

When the service center is served, not only repair. It can also be marketed with other items and original accessories, such as smart watches, headphones, etc. If Junzhi’s mobile phone is broken, it is advisable to bring it to the Redmi service center to ensure its speed


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