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Using the CIMB Niaga Call Center to prevent misinformation

Information about banking should be once again confirmed using the call center of CIMB Niaga. Various types of fraud today are not uncommon and often involve large banks. Therefore, as a wise user , you need to confirm each information.

Bank CIMB niaga has provided customer service features that can be accessed by anyone from future to customer. Thus, you can find sources of accurate information about banking by contacting the channel. Currently, not only regular channels are used, but also digital platforms.

So it will be easier for those of you who are smartphone users to access your exact bank information. Do not worry that all information is open and accessible to everyone. Be a wise internet user filtering information based on its dosage.

The bank “CIMB Niaga” prepares the usual channels, such as cellular channels for banking information seekers. Not only that, but the bank also has three social networks that you can  access at any time. So it will be easier to contact the bank without the need to come to the branch.

Phone numbers of the CIMB Niaga call center, which must be known

For customers and non-customers who want to find information or submit complaints, they can contact directly at 14041. You can contact  the phone number  via regular or cellular telephone lines. So it will be easier for  you, mobile phone users.

Knowing this figure, customers do not have to worry about finding accurate information about the world of banks. You need to know this figure  , to protect yourself from unwanted things.

The Cimb Niaga Call Center can be contacted all 24 hours on weekdays or holidays. So if you find a problem or complaint, immediately report it to the appropriate party so that it can be dealt with immediately. This will certainly increase your  comfort as a customer.

The question of connection costs varies  depending on the  operator of the provider of communication services you are using  . So you can call for free if your mobile operator has some ads. Cimb Niaga Bank has never deducted the balance of savings to make this call.

Some customers with minimal information may have heard that when calling customer service, balances can be deducted. This, of course, is not true, because for now the price of the phone depends on the telecommunications operator and the bank will not deduct the balance.

It can also be used as an example of incorrect bank information. As a smart client, of course, you can confirm directly with the bank. Thus, all kinds of information that you will receive are guaranteed to be correct and harmless.

How to contact the CIMB business call center from abroad

The bank “CIMB Niaga” has prepared a special number with which customers can contact when they are outside the country. Thus, when problems arise in banking, customers can immediately report it as soon as possible. Use the official number +62-212-997-8888 provided by CIMB Niaga Bank.

The problem of the cost  of the CIMB Niaga call center  from abroad still depends on the tariffs of the telecommunications service provider used. Thus, it will vary depending on one provider when it is used to establish contact. When and where customers can still contact the center.

With this complaints service from abroad, you can report if suspicious actions occur. So there is no need to come to the branch, just by contacting through the number that  will be handled for you by the appropriate bank official.

Indeed, it will be very difficult if there are discrepancies in your bank account, but you are not in the country. Therefore, CIMB Niaga bank provides an opportunity to file complaints about CIMB Niaga call centers abroad. The process is also quite short, since you only need to provide identity and proof of operation.

Later, if the problem is too complicated,  you’ll be redirected using email to make it easier to include supporting documents. In this way, various types of crime can be avoided effortlessly. Just call the user and the question will be resolved immediately.

How to report a complaint from bank customers using email

The use of email to report customer complaints is usually associated with quite complex actions, such as card issuance cases and misuse of bank accounts. You, as a client, definitely do not want your account to be abused by irresponsible parties without your knowledge.

So when you suspect someone is abusing a bank account, report it immediately using the CIMB Niaga call center platform. The official will immediately respond to your message  and take precautions so that nothing happens that will harm the client financially.

You just need to include an identity card, proof of the operation, related documents and problems that have arisen. Subsequently, the bank will check whether there is indeed an anomaly, it will be processed immediately. This process also does not take long, since there is already help from VIOLA.

The latest technologies can make it easier for customers to report complaints and find the latest information about the world of banking. This artificial intelligence technology is still being developed to increase the efficiency andpotential of its use.

Subsequently, customers will process complaints faster without worrying about obstacles, even if the server is overloaded. In addition to using VIOLA, CIMB Niaga bank will also maximize the use of social media to make it easy for customers to get valid information.

Bank CIMB reaches customers through social media

Due to the increasingly overcrowded use of social media in Indonesia, CIMB Niaga feels obliged to have it. To facilitate access to information and communication to the public, social media accounts are considered very suitable to complement the function of the CIMB Niaga Call Center  , which was a common route.

Indeed, specific complaints cannot be made using social networks. However, at the very least, the public can directly obtain more substantiated information from the banking sector. To avoid the problem of dark information, which at the moment is also spreading more and more often.

Bank CIMB Niaga has three social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These three accounts can be used by the public to get to know the world of banks better. Valid information can also be found from three social media platforms.

If you encounter technical errors in the field, this platform can also be used as a tool for the initial message. By submitting this initial report, the bank can immediately process it so as not to interfere with people’s banking activities for too long.

Today, with the help of social media platforms, knowledge about banking is even easier to find. There is nothing wrong with following three official social media accounts from CIMB Niaga Bank, so that later the latest and most accurate information can be obtained directly on your smartphone.

The use of social media platforms aims to bring the banking world closer to the wider community. Since social media is currently a tool that has been widely used, using this platform will make it easier to receive the public.

As a large and professional bank, of course, the comfort and safety of users is the top priority. So feel free to take advantage of the functions provided by the bank. If there are complaints about banking, please contact the CIMB Niaga call center now.

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